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Meet Anne Hampton, LMT


Massage Therapy by Anne Hampton, LMT

What would your day be like if you got out of bed easily, accomplished your work, played with your family and friends, and enjoyed your hobbies and activities and your body supported you through it all? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Science has been a driving force most of my life. I love to figure out why something works or does not work. What does that mean for you? I take what I learned in massage school and in college along with my experience as a massage therapist, in my research and on the sport field to make suggestions and plan to help you function fully in your daily routine.

No two people are the same and no two massage techniques are the same. Sometimes you might need light and relaxing, sometimes you might need the deep muscles in your lower back loosened, and sometimes you might need your ankles to just stop aching. You and I will work together to make sure get back to the things you love to do feeling great.

I am a mom and wife. I love the outdoors, camping and hiking, and especially my adventure to become a plant identifier. On all our camping vacations, hikes, and even at a stroll out into my front lawn, I try and identify as many plants as I can and then look up what they are used for like, food, medicine, or just for their beauty.

Anne Hampton, Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist

A.Z. — 5 star
After suffering with shoulder, neck and lower back pain for months, I went to Anne for help. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She asked me how much pressure I wanted and monitored it throughout the massage. I now am a client and highly recommend Anne Hampton.

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